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Shopping for frames

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I'm looking to buy a new BMX frame, just to throw around a bit every now and then. Anyone got any suggestions for something decent around $400 and under? No gears or 24's preferably
1 - 10 of 10 Posts would be a good place to see what's available...and if you're talking $400 for a frame you have a ton of choices. Happy shopping.
Dion said:
Technical or hucker?
400 for parts and frame or just frame?
what ever fits/feels good to you in cro-mo.
I'd say go for something made in the USA like FBM or S&M or Credence looks cool:
Sunday! I ride the Sunday! Ian schwarts It rides great and the built in chain tensioners and seatpost are an awsome plus. Im a big guy and ride mostly Hack street and its held up great.
I have a line new S&M Ltf 20.75 top tube frame or complete I will be selling or parting out. Hit me up if you are interested. All top of the line parts including lots of ti stuff.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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