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I ride a Pivot 429 that I am very happy with and have no intention of changing. A little over a year ago I bought an aluminum Stumpjumer 29er Singlespeed (complete bike) that I would like to upgrade. I have had problems with the chain tensioning and bottom bracket. More importantly, I weigh 205 and love to ride sustained 12 to 15% grades and can literally see the frame flex under load. Rear tire clearance is also something I'd like to improve.

So I am considering a carbon frame to improve the issue with flexing. I love the Niner looks and story. The Air 9 carbon reminds me of the rigid Klein Attitude that I rode in the early 90s.

What concerns me a bit about the Niner is the talk I've heard about the bottom bracket creaking. Unfortunately I can be a little fussy when it comes to noise on the bike. Is there a proven long-term solution for this yet?

Alternatively, I might run a 1x9 (or 10). Is the creaking still an issue with a geared Air 9 carbon setup or is is just a singlespeed (EBB) issue?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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