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Shop Rec Around Hawes/NE Side w/Knee Pads

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Recommendation of a shop with a decent selection?
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Two wheeled Jones is next to Hawes but don't recall them having much of anything. When I was shopping last year I found the best offerings in Mesa at Action Ride Shop near Southern / Gilbert Rd.

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Doesn't have to be right at Hawes, just will be heading that general direction to the Bee-line.
I'm just impressed anyone remembers the beeline highway... You must be an old time Phoenician like myself. Back when I was a kid there used to be a racetrack or drag strip out there. The remnants probably still remain. But, I digress.

Give action ride a call. Last time I was there they had knee and elbow pads from several manufacturers including Troy Lee and Kali. The only other place I could possibly recommend based on my search time would be Rage... But that's way out in Scottsdale.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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