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Rapid Creek Cycles is located in Palisade, CO, on the East end of the Grand Valley. We are a small shop located in a gorgeous area - full of wineries, orchards, local brew pub and distillery, and oh, great riding.

We're looking for a new shop manager and would love to hear from you if you have that sort of background and interest. The position is open within the coming few weeks, and will have overall shop responsibility with oversight from the two owners - I'm one of them. We are a local shop and serve the town of Palisade and the Grand Valley area. We emphaisze 29ers but also sell 26" bikes where they excell too.

You can take a look at our webpage at and contact me by PM here or directly at [email protected] with questions or discussion. We are also willing to consider positions that are less than full manager responsibility level, but the goal is for the prior.

Hope to hear from some interested parties.

Best Regards,

Scott Winans

This place needs an enema
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I think Nix is about to need a new job.

Or was he about to get kicked outta the house???!

I can never keep 'em straight...

Good luck at any rate.

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