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Hello all,
I got a new set of quickstep pedals for x-mas for my Kona Coiler. Only thing is I need shoes for them now. I've read in some posts that some will work and others (may) work, and others will not.

For the ones that may work, is it just a matter of trimming a lug or two off with a hot knife or what?
Either way, can you folks suggest some models for a first time spd pedal user. Ive always ridden flats, and like them, but i decided to take the plunge to clipless this year.

My riding style is aggressive / technical singletrack and , moderate FR/DH

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I'm using 661 Launch shoes on mine and they are pretty good both clipped and unclipped. But for times when you are just going to ride on the quicksteps as platforms only, it pays to get another set of shoes with no cleat fitted so you don't have to worry about clipping in accidently. Any shoe with a waffle sole like the above posts links are great as they are designed for platform pedals. 661 make a good range. Forget knobblies. With waffle soles you'll ride all that mud.
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