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Shoe/pedal Combo.

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Looking for a shoe pedal combo. Was thinking of trying eggbeaters and I wear a 13 shoe. Any recommendations? Can't seem to find a good deal anywhere. Thanks.
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go try some on. id worry about fit before price, most everything works good with eggbeaters.
Just some info on eggbeaters cleats, they are made of a really soft brass that weat if you walk on them as in a commuters situation. I went through a pair of cleats every 2 months before I switched to spd's. Eggbeaters are nice and have nice engagment but not so much if you commute, then wear the cleat out in no time flat and think it should hold out on a MTB ride since you had only had the cleats on the shoes for a month and you say unclip mid-air and rack your Balls hard on your top tube.... so ya my 2cents
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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