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Shocks that fit round tube DHR

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Which shocks can be confirmed as fitting in a round tube DHR?

Will fit:
Fox DHX (Obviously)
Roco WC: (need to use a Fox lower spring retainer. As mentioned in post below)

("The original CCDB needed a special retaining ring to move the spring up towards the reservoir. Not sure if new CCDBs come with this as standard, but if you mention it to Malcom at the time of ordering he knows what to do" As mentioned in post below)

Avalanche Montie (As mentioned in post below)

Will Not fit:
Fox RC4
Elka Stage 5 The Elka will probably come with remote reservoir soon and then it will fit.

Bos Stoy

Any more info?
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The original CCDB needed a special retaining ring to move the spring up towards the reservoir. Not sure if new CCDBs come with this as standard, but if you mention it to Malcom at the time of ordering he knows what to do.
big-ted's post reminded me on the ROCO WC pictured below I needed to use a Fox lower spring retainer. The stock Marz one contacted the link.

gladegp said:
Toddmac1 said:
I've been waiting for this from AVY.
That seems really nice. You are positive it'll fit? The Ava kit only changes the internals?

The MX Tune from push also seems like a winner. But thay're changing the whole upper part of the shock. It'll probably fit but it would be nice to have this confirmed.
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The AVA kit will replace the propedal circuit with a Hi-Lo circuit so I don't see why it wouldn't fit. It will most likely be like the old Push MX tune when they were using AVA's Hi-Lo circuit.
Does anyone know if a Vivid Air will fit?

I would also like to know if a vivid air will fit.
My Avalanche tuned 5th element fits, but the retaining clip hits the link. I just flipped it upside down. I didn't know the fox is any different. I'll give that a try.
Why does every DHR have shock fitment issues?
Most bikes seem to have an Achilles Heal with shock fit options today it seems form has taken over function, I know it can't be easy with so many suppliers, are they're really that many?
Its def not unique to Turner though it does seem a Horizontal shock placement vs a vertical shock placement limits tolerances. Again no issue on the new V10:confused:

I just got a latest UK mag that states the Demo 2 has V-air fit issues, already with that bike ya need a different yoke- to shock to fit a Fox or a Rock Shox have no idea what that means for a BOS or CCDB, or the Vair, but have seen on PB a Demo 2 with a Vivid air :confused: Oh I rate this bike too so not cracking on Spec here either!

Dave has specced his bikes with Fox for years!

But it would seem prudent to be able to run those afore mentioned!

V Air V Coil, CCDB, Elka BOS

All leading shock and Fork suppliers, anything less only limits potential frame sales and I don't get that at all.

cheezwhip ran a Vivid coil back in the day, not sure if he still runs this rig or not would like to run a Vivid R2C2 on mine, not after a V air but it would be nice to know it would fit.

Frame: Medium Bronze
Rear Shock: RockShox Vivid 5.1 (9.5 i2i x 3" stroke), Obtainium Ti Spring
Fork: '06 Fox DH40 RC2 (w/ '07 internals)
Brakes: Avid Code Fr., Avid Ultimate Rr.
Wheelset: Chris King Hubs, DT 5.1 Rims
Crankset: FSA Gravity Lite / e13 36t
Bash: e13 Taco, e13 LG1
Bottom Bracket: FSA Gravity Lite / 83x128 Megaxo
Cassette: XTR 11-32 (8 sp)
Shifters: right - SRAM x.7 Trigger (8 sp), Rear Derailleur: SRAM x.9 mid cage.
Fr. Derailleur: N/A
Seatpost: SDG I-Beam
Seat: SDG Belair I-Beam
Headset: Chris King SteelSet
Stem: Sunline Integrated Boxxer Stem
Bar: Sunline V-One
Grips: ODI Yeti Lock-On
Pedals: Crank Bros. 50/50
Tubes: N/A
Front Tire: Maxxis 2.5 3C DH-F
Rear Tire: Maxxis 2.5 3C HighRoller
Zip Ties: ?
Weight: 39-ish?

POST # 78
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XFusion fits, but must be run backwards. A great match to the bikes as well.
Hehe that's a bit funny. I hadn't even thought about running them backwards. Maybe RC4, Stoy, Elka and so fourth will fit backwards?
92SE-R said:
Got a picture of the xfusion on it?
WIll get ya one in a day or two.
I just ran across this picture on another forum. Description says it comes from PB. Though I couldn't find it over there...
Obviously a Stoy fitted backwards, curious if there are problems with it.

Edit: For the record: I run a Vivid Coil in my round tube DHR size small with no issues.
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Interesting look with the Deville up front!

BOS in the rear would be pretty cool to run, if only had the skills to be worthy of that shock. e.g sponsored lol.

Just saw this on DIRT re BOS 2012
Back from the dead, I am wondering if anyone has fitted a CCDB Air on their "round tube DHR"?
I asked Cane Creek about the DBAir and was told that this bike is far better suited for coil because of its very low leverage curve. "The coil will undoubtedly provide a better ride quality"
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