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Shocks losing air?

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Just got a new bike and have only ridden it twice b/c the weather has been crap. But, I've already noticed that both the front and rear shock seem to be losing a bit of air. I keep the bike in the garage which gets down into the 30's pretty regularly this time of year. I didn't notice this mich with my previous bike. Does anyone else experience this and/or is it normal? Fox FIT F29 RL 100 front and RP23 rear

I intentionally aired up the rear last night to about 190. Checked it this morning and it was betrween 160-170.
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check it a few times. The pump takes on some air pressure each time you put it on, and lets go air when you take it off. That could be it. If it maintains to 160-170, that could be where it goes when you check the pressure.
Almost anything that uses air pressure leaks a little over time. If I lost enough to make a noticeable difference in how my bike rode over the course of the week, I'd be a little worried and check the oil levels. Otherwise, I just top up my fork the same way I do my tires - when I pull the bike out of the basement, or if it's been a week.
Every time I connect my pump I lose about 5 psi on my SID. If you have a large pump, it might drain more air. Try connecting your pump a few times, and take note of how much your pressure drops each time.
Correct. Every time the pump is attached, a small amt of air flows into the pump to 'populate the interior', so-to-speak..which also includes the air gauge. Rear air shocks use a very small air volume inside its chamber. So, when you let just a tiny bit out, it really impacts the total psi measurement.
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