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Shockingly I'm lost, help me get my bearings...

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Actual, NOTICIABLE performance enhancements from shock coil bearings and needle bearing, DU replacement kits?

So these coil bearings appeared fairly recently and there was some talk about them, but it seems to have dissappaited. According to Obtanium:

"The Obtainium Bearing System allows the spring to function properly. As the spring is compressed it naturally wants to rotate, the bearing system allows this to happen preventing binding and buckling. The system is easy to install and maintain."

Then I just recently see that Enduro is selling kits that replace standard shock DU bushing/reducer hardware with needle bearings. Seems pretty cool. according to Enduro:

"Eliminate DU bushing drag and wear by replacing them with "MAX" needle bearings. Needle bearings are matched with a hardened and polished inner ring and sealed spacers to keep lube in and contaminants out."

They make them to fit the V-tach, DT, and at least one side of the Endo.

Thoughts? It would seem to me that these products coupled together would "free-up" the suspension movement and create a more fluid operation. We (Knolligible MTBers) sure love to squeeze every last drop of performance out of our rigs, so who's trying it first?:cool:
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There was a long drawn out sebate/argument on the turner forum about the DU bushing needle bearing kit recently. DGC claimed to notice a huge improvement with the kit before everyone started yelling in typical tuner forum fashion of late. Some interesting debate did go on including Chris from enduro however and it's worth checking out.
...yea, but how much does it weigh?

I had two almost identical conversations with a pair of very respected aftermarket shock tuners about the thrust washers/bearings for the springs. At the end of the day neither said it would make a significant difference, but it cant hurt to try in case you liked the alternate feel.

I have not talked w anyone about the new du replacement kit yet, but am waiting in the wings to see what peoples responses are. Homers appear to be very impressed so I guarantee there will be some lively conversations.
i stated it in the turner forum that nico always insisted on bearings instead of du bushings in his shocks when he was with sunn. he has always been super sensitive to his suspension. it's got to better than a du bushing but will it be noticable? i don't know. it can't hurt and if you are replacing the du bushings that'd be a good time to try it. the morons at mountain bike action claimed they dropped a spring weight when they ran the obtanium spring bearings on a bike they were testing. i don't put any stock in what they say but take it as you will
I wonder if just one would make any difference? I ask because only the lower mount of the Endo is compatible. I haven't had to replace any DU bushings yet and I've been on this particular shock for about a year now. I seem to remember replacing them with more frequency on previous bikes. I know for a fact they didn't last very long on my Nomad.

I will probably give 'em a try along with the thrust bearings if I decide to try out a different shock on my V-Tach. The performance of the CCDB leaves nothing, at all, to be desired but I'm interested in trying an Elka.
Depends on how much your link rotates relative to the shock or the bike relative to the shock. One of my bikes is essentially a "mac-strut" type design and the seatsay (not the linkage) "pushes" the shock to compress, there is very little, if any, rotation relative to the shock, so I would see very little benefit on that bike. The more rotation your linkage has relative to the shock, the greater the benefit. That's kind of the whole point of bearings vs bushings. Bushings tend to do better with limited rotation, but the more rotation you have the better a bearing is. Those are just blanket statements that don't apply to every situation, but some bikes have quite a bit of rotation relative to the shock.
qbert2000 said:
the morons at mountain bike action claimed they dropped a spring weight when they ran the obtanium spring bearings on a bike they were testing. i don't put any stock in what they say but take it as you will
My guess is they were so close to needing a different spring rate on the bike they were testing - so yes, perhaps those who are "in between" rates might find it better?
seems like overkill to me. More maintenance too. A drop of Triflow at the ends of the spring from time to time does a pretty good job of keeping things from binding up too much.
People seem to love replacing $4 parts with $34 components with so little proof of actual benefit toward their own riding. Live and learn, I say.
Seems like a good concept

The less friction on all those parts the better I would think. The DU bushings always seem to wear out after a season or two, seems like the Enduro ones would last much longer. As far as the needle bearings on the spring, I have noticed that my spring twists quite a bit, it also twists and deforms enough to hit the boost valve dial on the DHX 5, if it were on bearings ot might not happen. Besides MBA liked it, which just means Obtanium paid them some advertising money. LOL! Maybe Noel could chime in on his thoughts?
I use spring bearings on 3 of my motorcycles and like the results. At some point I'd like to try them on my mtb also.
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