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shock turnaround time for rebuild

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Hi, got back into biking and bought a new 2007 f4 (furio) on a closeout from local bike shop real cheap, actually my 3rd cannondale from them in 10 years. Well anyways, much to my dislike the ultra fatty dl took a crap not 2 weeks into my return and was sent back last week for warranty work, anyone know a good turnaround time for it to get back, Cal to back east, impatient right now. Did some research here and it looks like the 2007 fatty had problems, hopefully they get it right the first time.
It is hard to get on my 1998 f300 after riding the f4 but I have to keep in routine to get back in shape, I am just a recreational rider for fitness.
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ill let you know when my lefty comes back. Its been out 2 weeks now.
I need mine by next week, hopefully I get it.
probably not likely with the long weekend.

If your shipping from the west coast it will be in shipment almost 2 weeks. I figured best case scenario mine is gone 3 weeks.

Luckily for me I have another bike otherwise I would be pretty bummed not having a bike for 3 weeks in June and July especially considering the fork was only 2 months old.
I might be lucky, just got an email from cannondale with a tracking number for its return home. Crossing fingers. Just found out my LBS paid for it to be overnighted, scheduled to be home at 3 pm tomorrow. Whoohoo!!
sweet, good to hear, that means hopefully mine will be back soon.

I never get my hopes up when it comes to these things because it seems like it always takes longer than you would think.
My shock arrived at 9:30 am, shop only has one mechanic on duty because of holiday, who knows, maybe today I will have it. Tempted to go over there myself and attempt to put it on myself.
I did not get the bike done, looks like Monday. Get this though, my LBS loaned me a 6000 dollar Rize Carbon for the weekend, about **** my pants and refused at first, to nervous. It is a blast to ride, I don't believe I will be pushing them to finish my shock now, they can take their time.
We are less then a week and in most cases 48hrs....
Jeepseahawk, what was actually wrong with your fatty? I might be taking mine in for some work it doesn't lockout all the way. Looks like it takes about a week. Mine is an 09 just 3 months old. Maybe my LBS will let me trade it for a small since they have 2 of them now in stock.
My shock never locked out all the way, had a little cushion in it when locked, bike shop said it was normal but within 2 weeks oil came out from the bottom and it quit holding air. Got it back within a week but the key was that I wrote Cannondale my RS number to rush it for an upcoming bike vacation, they responded within 10 hrs and followed through, I was amazed that they responded so fast. Got the bike back yesterday from my LBS (they are great to deal with) and it now has total lock-out and feels much better, hopefully this will resolve my issues.
Wow, that sounds like my problem. I too noticed when I brought my bike home it never locked out all the way. It never really bothered me but now it's has about an inch and a half of travel when locked out. What is the RS number you're talking about? I haven't noticed any oil leak but it just seems it has a different feel. Then again my bike is a bit dirty. Do you know if this is a common problem?
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