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"FORK" Recommendations for 2005 Hardrock SS

Over the weekend I got a closeout deal from Supergo on a 05' Hardrock SS. I am new to the single speed style of riding. I feel as though the fork is too mushy and I can't see climbing up a hill out of the saddle bouncing around. I don't want to spend too much as the bike was not expensive.

Marzocchi said they could "upgrade" the fork for $250 for a MX Pro ETA with the trade of the old fork.\hdu&#@#;68:&mCJ=&IDOggetto=8429

What do you guys think…should I change the shock? And if so which one? Lock out is important.



BTW…I weigh 240#

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Are you sure you want to buy a shock?

JR71 said:
:confused: ...the shock is too mushy...
That bike is a hardtail. I'd recommend you upgrade the fork instead of trying to put a shock on it.


P.S. Sorry. I admit to having issues regarding the abuse of the cycling lexicon. :(

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heavy duty

at 240#, you're going to need something heavy duty and really stiff no matter what....

heavier springs in the current fork or an air sprung that you can pump up the air....maybe look for a closeout on a Fox?
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