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Hey guys, I noticed that on my Haro X6 when I do a bunny hop and un-weigh the bike the rear shock seems to rebound back into it's full long position and it makes a funny dull popping noise, kind of like a thump. It is kind of irritating and seems out of place. All screws are tightened down correctly and the shock is properly setup. I have no clue what is up with it. Is this a normal thing? Are there any causes or remedies??? Has anyone had this problem before? The shock is almost brand new, I think it is something else, some minute crap.

Please help me!

Thanks, Shredder111:cool:

P.S. It is a X-Fusion Glyder shock

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coma13 said:
Is there any play in the shock linkage or hardware? (pinch the back tire between your legs and lift up on the seat to see if there is any play)
that is a good start to see if the bushings are messed up....if not send it back to the manufacturer
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