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Shock/fork boots?

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I'm wondering how many of you are running some kind of boot on your shock and/or forks? I've seen a few pics of biks with what look like neoprene boots over the slider/lower junction. It seems to me this would go a long way toward making the seals last longer. Any reason not to consider this (other than the added weight)?

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Only for severe weather...

Use them only for severe weather. Everyday use might be not such a good idea as some dirt and debris might get between boot and stanchions/cylinder and scratch them reducing the lifespan of the seals and wipers themselves.
Only in real bad weather and if you clean them after ride

My .02 is that they can be more of a problem then protector. If you wipe your stancions clean after ride like you oil your chain, you shouldnt have much of a need. They prob with shock protectors is they stay wet for a while with moisture and dirt and dust will find it's way in as it is not a complete seal. What your left with is sandpaper effect. Granted, there are rides in very bad weather and wet terrian they might be of benifit, but then you need to remove after ride and clean the covers up and let dry. Think of it this way, when I hit the surf in cold weather, I wear my oniel to keep my bod temp regulated, but I hate to think of the rash I would get if after I leave the breaks if I went to work and school to continue my daily activities. Any thing left inbetween skin and suit wout become an irritant. And since I am not an oyster.....

Good feedback. Makes perfect sense. I like the wetsuit analogy (being a surfer myself). :cool:

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