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I have a strange issue:

Santa Cruz 5010C V2.
When I tighten the front shock mounting bolt first - and then try sliding the rear eyelet into the aluminum link, I have to push the shock slightly to the right to make it fit.

So it's slightly misaligned. Approx 0.5-0.7mm

Tried flipping the shock upside down - still same result - shifts in the same direction, so it's probably not the shock, but one (or both) of the frame mounting points.

Shock mounting hardware looks good. I have ~350 miles on this bike and haven't noticed any issues with the suspension, but this misalignment worries me.

It's hard to take a photo at a proper straight angle, so I've drawn a simple diagram to illustrate the issue.

Rear (link) mount is slightly narrower than the front (frame) mount. ( Frame mount is wider and there is a little bit of play side to side when it's not tightened ).
So if I tighten the rear bolt first, the shock slides just fine into the front mount.

Red Line Carmine Parallel Rectangle
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