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Shock Air Pressure Q

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i have a rear SID air shock on my full sus. bike, i am about 210 lbs, i do not have a shock pump, but i hooked up a very very small compressor, and could not get more than 55lbs of pressure, and when i sit on it, the shock compresses about 70-80% which i dont think is normal, shouldn't it be stiffer?
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For your weight, I'm guessing that your shock should be closer to 90 psi; you should check the manual for the exact pressure. As for sag, you should be looking at 20-30% sag, not the 70-80% you have now - otherwise you are wasting travel, and you must be bottoming out that shock like crazy! You can get a shock pump for $20, and it's worth it, especially in yor case.
thanks, thats what i am thinking, i just got this bike used yesterday, and its been 3-4 years since i have rode full suspension, have not ridden trails but it bottoms out on my curb!! and its a small curb!! so i wasnt for sure
There's some Owners and Service Manuals for some old Rock Shox SID rear shocks on this link:
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