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Shock adaptors

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checked through this forum and couldnt find anyone that sold adaptors to mount a Manitou Swinger on a 07 nomad :(

any one where I can source a set?
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Manitou is the only place I've been able to get them, but any shop or online outfit that is a Manitou dealer can order them. SC used a real oddball size on the spacer width, 3/8", and then Manitou has its own shock eyelet size that both combine to make sourcing a little more trouble.

That's going to be interesting to see how a Swinger works on the Nomad. The VPP design seems to work the best without any platform type damping, and the Swinger has SPV. I love the Swinger 4-Way Air on my '03 Bullit, as I feel it benefits greatly to improve pedal efficiency for aggressive trail riding. I tried one of those new 5th Element SPV shocks that SC was blowing out on sale and put it on my Nomad. It worked OK, but even with the SPV dialed way back, it was not as compliant as I like on the small bump compliance. The Nomad and VPP in general just don't need any pedal efficiency bandaids IMO. I got the new shim kit for that 5th E from Broken Bike that does away with the SPV for the Nomad. Broken Bike does the same thing for the Manitou shocks too if I'm not mistaken. I think SPV is still a great feature for high forward simple single pivots when used for trail riding.

The Manitou Intrinsic ISX-6 rear shock is the best air shock match for the Nomad and many other bikes that I've seen.
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hope there is someone online if possible.
I have always switched my rear shock to a Manitou on most of my bikes, and the only place I found that has the hardware is

Yuo just need to measure your current hardware and figure out the correct size. Hope this helps ya.
awesome thanx.

hopefully there's enough material to machine the 8mm ones out to 9.5mm
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