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I was planning on selling my 04 Stinky to be able to afford to build up my DJ/Urban bike. But now I really don't wanna part with my stinky. Especially after not getting to Diablo last year. I feel like my Drop Off Triple has always handicaped me and at least lowered my confidence bottoming off everything even after being completely rebuilt. I now have a chance to grab an 03 Shiver in perfect condition at a good price. I don't care about weight and it would actually be good because I race motocross and anything to build stregth is good training plus it's the most MX like fork out there. I realize I would have to convert to 20mm thru axel. This just means getting a new 20mm thru axel hub and axel right? Anybody who has done this please post pics, reviews, ideas any info at all. Thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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