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Shin/Kneeguards with calf protection?

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I'm currently wearing 661 4x4 guards, and I like em a lot, but as I'm starting to get more air over bigger rocks, I think I'm going to upgrade to hard shell guards. The Roach guards look really good, but they don't have anything to protect the calf, and I'm a bit concerned about it as I recently had to take a buddy to the emergency room for 14 stiches in the calf from his pedal. Anyone have any suggestions for a different protector or something to wear under the Roaches to protect the flesh?

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your buddy has the Freeride pads...get the DH pads that come with a mesh backing

yep Raceface/roach are excellent pads
Ya I have the DH pads and they stay on real well.
if you feel the need for an entire knee to ankle leg guard then Dainese or Roach/Raceface are the best to get.
Gman said:
Ya I have the DH pads and they stay on real well.
yueah and they have saved me many times....i was thinking to changing to the 661 pivot ones but the Raceface won out again...great pad that stays on during a crash
Roach DH it is. Thanks!
exitor said:
Roach DH it is. Thanks!
you won't be sorry man, there great shinguards. i have fallen over big sharp quarts stone rockgardens and they stay on and protect. im very happy with them and you will to man. a tip-when you first get them they will be sorta stiff but after a couple rides and a good amount of watery-sweat mixture they will loosen up.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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