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I've gone through my SLX's 3x now, 2x were under warranty, so now its the 3rd time, not under warranty.
No leaks, brake handle goes down to the bar, it doesn't hold brake pressure, most probably a worn out piston cup.
I'm not wanting to buy 2 new brake handles, I would rather rebuild.
Quite a few other brands sell master brake cylinder piston seal kits and titanium pistons ... I found them for the XT line.
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My 1st question is ....
Will this be the same part as for the SLX line? .... Will it fit, is it interchangeable?
I cant find any pdf's to compare the part numbers from the OEM pistons to see if they are the same part number, and as such interchangeable XT/SLX.

My 2nd question ...
SRAM/AVID titanium rebuild piston has the option to just buy the O-Ring Cups (Much cheaper option).
Do you think the piston cups for the SRAM/AVID will work with the XT piston? ...
Hopefully someone somewhere has a bunch of spare parts in their shop they can visually inspect and micrometer, or several people post the sizes for a comparison...
All pics come from the net.
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I've done every Ti upgrade part on the SLX calipers, including the upgraded pistons, perfect braking, no problems. So I'm tending towards keeping them cuz the 203mm rotors give me plenty of braking power.
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