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Shimano XT 2x9 to 2x10

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Hi guys im currently running 2x9 Shimano XT, and Im thinking about going to 2x10 setup.
My question is can I remain with my current XT crankset and chainrings? or do I also have to go to 2x10 crankset and chainrings? I was just going to change the RD, RD shifter, and chain. Keep the 9 speed cranks and chainrings and FD. Your feedback would be much appreciated.
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aside from a little FD tweaking with the new chain, and assuming that the 9sp stuff is relatively recent (i.e it wasn't part of your 2x6 set up as well), this should work fine.
Read the sticky at the top of the Drivetrain main page. Your answer is there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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