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Shimano -to- SRAM (for those considering the switch)

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I just made a switch to the from older shimano XTR pods/XT rear der. to the X.9 pods and rear derailleur. I was previously riding on a Jamis Dakar and bought an 06 Kona Coiler. I planned on switching out all the Kona drivetrain immeditaley and building a second bike for my son with the Deore components on the Kona.

I found a great deal on an X.9 Rear Der/Pods from another local, and decided to give them a shot. So far I've got 3 decent length rides and here's what I've found.

The Good part: The initial motor skills from pulling the XTR triggers, to pushing the X.9 pods was almost not existent. I have had very few times where I had to think then shift. If you are worried about that aspect of switching, I'd say don't sweat it.

The shifting is perfect. No missed shifts, no having to dink with the cable adjusters other than a slight bit of cable stretch. They outperform my older XTR pods by far.

The Bad part: I am constantly downshifting. I am used to being able to ride with my thumbs right where the new pods downshift paddles are located. This gives me better bar grip when things get technical. I am inadvertantly downshifting everytime I take a big hit on the front end or try to launch a small rock section. I've considered moving the pods slightly but then my hayes levers will be at some kind of funky angle.

Conclussions: If you ride mostly XC mellow trails and don't have alot of rocky, rooty sections, or can figure out how to ride with your thumbs Way Out and hands further out then these are the bomb. If you are a stump jumper, take the worst line throught the rocks. like to launch off stuff, or are as ungraceful as I tend to be then forget the SRAM stuff.

I still haven't made up my mind to pull the SRAM stuff off yet. I love the shifting and they look really pimp, plus I'm too busy and maybee lazy to pull them off just yet. Hope that helps somebody.
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It's really annoying eh?. The worst thing about SRAM by far. I'm going to try wider bars and move the shifters inward a little. I like one-finger braking so brake lever position shouldn't be an issue...
Thanks for the review. I'm thinking about trying the x.9/x.0 combo once I can justify replacing my xt rear, which still works.
I too just went to X.9 after running XT, and noticed the same issue with accidental shifts. Moving the pods and brake levers in as far as they would go before the bend in my bars solved that though. I only needed to move them about 1/2" and I no longer hit them accidentally, and can still easily reach the levers to shift too.

It did take a bit of getting used to thumbing to upshift the RD, versus using a trigger ala the LX pods I was using before. Not a biggy though.

I never really had any issuse with my XT setup, so I was curious to see if the SRAM stuff was really all that much better. Without a doubt it is, far smoother shifts, and way easier to set up too IMO.
I went from rapid fire to X.0. I found that initially i was doing a lot of the accidental shifts. As i used it longer, does not happen very much. Seems to me SRAM made the inside lever a little longer than needed, or maybe positioned it a little wrong. Love the way it works though. Crist, easy shifts. So much better than the new XTR 960.
I tried XTR960 integrated shifters for more than a year. Hated those shifters...... Just thought i would toss that into the post. Somebody at Shimano thinks reverse action RD's are the only solution. One the the many problems with XTR960.

Move those babies far inward, a lot farther than you think you should. Your accidental shifting will be all but eliminated.

When I went from Shimano to SRAM X-9 triggers (for a month or so), I suffered from accidental shifts like you mentioned. I would go hard into a corner, usually slightly downhill, nail the front brakes, and BAM! mis-shift! I noticed that my thumb was lightly resting on the large paddle and my weight transfer to the front under hard braking was releasing the derailleur. I moved the shifters quite far inward, and that pretty much solved that issue.

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