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I bought my brand new Shimano SLX Ice Tech brakes from Bikes and Bicycles Online from Evans Cycles | UK Online Bike Shop
After less then 100 km of riding, my brake pad broke off while driving. No abusing, no extreme downhill, no nothing, just regular XC rides.
Before the pad braking off, I felt my brake lever is dropping softer.
Brake pads are like new, and if I were driving down the trail, or in busy street, I could be hurt.
Here starts the issues:
Same thing happened my friend who was riding behind me on the trail after 2 days of owning new same Shimano SLX Ice tech brakes, but after initial reply, they ignored him completely.
Funny thing the same brake pad broke off, left rear brake pad.
I hope the will turn around and give me satisfaction.
Anybody else had similar issues with brake pads?
Here are some photos.
They came trough and send me replacement 2 pairs of pads.
Very good recall from them and I hope that will not happen to anybody.
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First, I would just go buy a new set of pads to get you back on the trail.

Second, that is a Shimano warranty issue and seeing that you're not getting favorable response from Evans, try and deal direct with Shimano on a replacement set. If that happens, then you have an extra set. In the meantime, you're at least out ridding while waiting for a response.

Were these metal or resin pads?

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Hey bro, sorry for late reply.
They were metal pads, and I dont think they are selling them anymore.
Happened 2 times which I witnessed. On my friends bike after 2nd day or purchase, and on min bike.
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