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Shimano shoe sizing...

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HOW WOULD YOU SAY Shimano shoes are sized? meaning how does a size 41 shimano shoe compare to a 41 specialized shoe?
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different make shoes will have a different feel to them, some will feel tighter best thing is go try them on
Trying is the best...

Size 44 shoes usually fit me. When I got myself a pretty nice pair of Shimano shoes from a clearance sale, 45 felt just right.
shimano seem to run narrow and small, I went up a full size
Try them on...

I normally wear a 49, but in the shimano's I have tried, I can get by with a 48.
Strangely, I'm usually running 44 and 44 in the new Shimano AM 40 shoe feels spot on 1:1 just as my other shoes.
I just tried on both Shimano and Specialized shoes yesterday. A 43 is good for specialized, and the shimano size 44 fit right. I normally have a 9.5 or 10 for a sneaker size.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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