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Shimano Shadow derailleur repair

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I keep catching sticks in my shadow derailleur. It's the first linkage plate between the mounting bolt and torx bolt that takes the brunt and bends. I've been removing the torx bolt so I could get an adjustable on the plate and straighten it. that worked a few times until the ring around the mounting bolt cracked. So I bought a new derailleur.

2 questions.

The parts breakdown on the shimano site shows that the mounting bolt is replaceable but doesn't indicate that the plate assembly can be ordered. Has anyone found a way to buy this?

My next idea was to take the mounting bolt from the old derailleur and grind a ring before the threads using a dremel cutting wheel so it would be weak enough to act as a shear bolt. Problem is, the only reason I was able to remove the bolt from the old plate assembly was because the part was cracked. I tried tapping and pressing the mounting bolt out of the new derailleur but it won't pop out. Does anyone have any suggestions on any tricks for this? No use having a shear bolt if you can't install your replacement bolt... I guess I could order a couple mounting bolts and drill the original out of the derailleur.

Any other ideas?

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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