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Shimano Octalink Bottom Brackets

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Does anyone know if the ES-51(LX) and a ES-71(XT) Octalink bottom brackets are compatible?

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Should be. I'm using an ES-71 BB with a cheapo Deore octalink crank :eek:. It was the only one in stock when I went and was only $5 more so I might as well. :D
Yep. Octalink v2 spline pattern is the same. Just be aware of the Black Sheep, the LX 572 cranks, require the 121 or 126mm spindle length that only the ES51 comes in. All the others, even the old 571 LX, use standard 113 or 118mm lengths and can choose from any of the ES series bottom brackets.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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