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Hi Everyone,

Just doing some research into a budget hybrid bike build. I've been looking at some Shimano stuff for the planning stages.

Trying to keep things on the cheap but not too cheap, so I am looking at Shimano Altus components, just a step above Tourney stuff.

Might go Acera components but that's a maybe for now. Extra $20 or whatever last time I looked from Altus stuff to Acera in terms of price difference.

Using a 48-38-28T chain ring up front and 32T max 7 speed rear cassette as I have these in my shed.

Now this is what I have on my horizons.

1. Shimano Altus RD-M310 rear
2. Shimano Altus FD-M310 front
3. Shimano SL-TX50 3x7 shifters

The clamp on the front derailleur says 31.8mm/34.9mm? If I choose a frame with a 34.9mm diameter seat post... how do I adjust from 31.8mm to 34.9mm?

The shifters... are el cheapo for Tourney. Shimano by the least and the right amount of speeds I need. Will they work with Altus... or Acera components? Will I need to go for something else like Microshifter products?

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