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Shimano M760 Crank removal

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I'm going to remove my Shimano M760 cranks to replace the chainrings. I ordered the Park tool integrated bottom bracket remover, but I noticed there is a cap tool which I do not have. Is there any way around the cap tool or do I have to order that too?

Also, any tricks to removing/reinstalling the cranks? Obviously grease the threads, but is that it?

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As an aftermarket purchase my crankset came with the cap tool, the TL-FC16, don't see why it shouldn't come with new bikes either since it's somewhat unique (or does it usually?). I don't know about trying to use some other tool, but it shouldn't be torqued on very hard so you might be okay if you're careful with something that won't break the splines. Park sells a BBT9 that includes that cap tool along with the cup tool.

Other than that, taking the crank off and putting it back on is undoing the pinch bolts on the non-drive side arm and sliding the axle/drive side crank out; when reinstalling, that plastic cap only makes sure the arm is snugged on before you tighten the pinch bolts, tighten the pinch bolts evenly and torque 'em to spec (look near the pinch bolts on the arm for the value).
Thanks. I have that tool, I just didn't know what the other end was for.

Thanks BFFL
Watch the torque when reinstalling, it's really low (4-6 inch lbs)
Thanks for the tip. Any idea what the torque should be on the chainring bolts? I used 35 inch pounds, do think that's about right?
Little low. I use 75 personally. When in doubt just go here
That Parktool site is great info
My Truvativ's run 6 ft/lbs for aluminum and 9/10 ft/lbs for steel. Don't forget to grease.
The Park Tool site recommened 60 inch pounds so I went with that.

I believe the XT cranks use aluminum bolts - not sure they seemed a little heavy for Al. Since I thought they might be Al (according to Shimano's website) I used Ti prep instead of grease.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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