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I just bought a Giant Talon 3. This is my first bike.
My bike is equipped with a Shimano M522 crankshet.
It belongs to the Deore groupset but doesn't have "Deore" printed on it :

I want the "Deore" sign so badly then I just bought a M610 crankset.

These 2 look the same for me.

I want to ask what the difference between M522 and m590/m610 crankset.

Which crankset is better ?
Many thanks!

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Off the top of my head, 522 is an internal bottom bracket where I believe both the 590 and 610 are external bearing BB's Someone correct me if I'm wrong as I haven't looked ..But, external BB systems are a tad stronger/stiffer, usually a good bit lighter.. but the bearings are more exposed to the elements so they need to be cleaned/replace more.
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