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Shimano m475 freehub

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I have an shimano m475 hub and i need to change the freehub, and i don't know if i can get it from From that list i suppose i can go with the FH-5600 or the m565, since shimano freehubs are all compatible, except XTR, but is this really true? If not, where can i get a freehub for an m475 shimano hub online?

Thanks in advance.
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a new freehub usually is about $20, an entire hub doesnt cost much more than that. just buy a new hub, swap all the new parts over to your current hub. that way you'll have a new freehub, bearings, axle, seals, ect.
And if i really just want to get a new freehub? Anyone into the shimano freehubs scene?
yeah, relacing an entire wheel just for a freehub is pretty crazy. just toss a freehub on it

jenson has them for 25-35 bucks. xt m756 is 30 bucks. you cant use the new xt freehubs, the axle setup on them is completely different.. all the other ones should completely interchange.
If your ordering from CRC, then get the M760/M765 will work fine (the new XT M770/775 will not work as mentioned by One Pivot)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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