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Shimano M4100 Brakes - Engagement point is getting close to the bar...fix?

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This may be a silly question, but I am just curious. My bike has about 1000 miles on it, and the stock brakes are the BR M4100s. The engagement point on the rear brake has moved and seems to be closer to the the point that when I am using 1 finger to pull the lever, it will hit my hand. So to really get on the brakes, I have to 2 finger it and that changes the grip. Is this because of worn pads? The pads seem to have a good amount of material on them still. Maybe air in the system? I was going to get a new set of pads, but should I get a bleed kit and bleed the brakes? There is a lever adjustment, but that doesnt adjust the engagement point correct? That just adjusts how far from the bar the lever is, right?
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No, not a silly question at all. A thousand miles on (assumed resin pads) is good going so I'd treat yourself to a new set and keep hold of the old ones as spares just in case.

A bleed kit is an essential addition to your toolbox and well worth owning if you have hydraulic brakes anyway.

Your right, your brakes have reach adjust, not bite point adjust. If you're happy with the lever blade's resting position then don't bother with that adjustment.

A proper bleed and optional new pads should have your brakes feeling like new again. If by the very slight chance there is another issue causing this a bleed would be the first thing to do regardless given the symptoms you describe. 馃槈
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If youve never bled it, bleed it. You could also do just a lever burp. But if you do that be aware that youll add more fluid to system so when you go to changed pads youll likely have too much fluid. You wont be able to just push pistons in and swap pads, woull have to let some fluid out.
You probably have air bubbles in your brake line. I just went through this with my XT brakes. Had a little slide out crash, and somehow that got air in the line. I did the quick fix, lever burp, but at your mileage it's probably time for a fresh brake bleed. You'll need the bleed kit either way.
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