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Shimano Hydraulic hose compatibility

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Ok, I have a set of Shimano M966 calipers that I bought new for a song. Looking at picking up some M765 levers to match and call it a brake system, the only question I have is the hoses. The Calipers supposedly require BH96 hoses, while the levers supposedly only work with BH63 hoses. Which hose do I need? is it compatibility at the caliper banjo bolt or at the lever side compression fitting? What gives?

This is my first experiment with Shimano Hydros. All my other brakes are Juicys where a hose is a hose is a hose, so apologies if this is a really stupid question.

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in Shimano, "a hose is a hose" just need to get the right connectors (that's the actual difference between the hose models)
what crisillo said. Those hose numbers are really just number for complete kits that include the correct fittings for that model. You could buy the kit to match either the caliper or the lever and then pick up the fittings separately for the other end.
sweet, muchos gracias
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