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Shimano drivetrain compatibility

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I've looked on this board and the googles and I can't find what I'm looking for. I have two bikes with Shimano 11 speed drivetrains, XTR and Deore M5100. Can I get one 11-51 cassette and chain that would work on both bikes as spares? Are there any other parts (KMC) that I can mix and match? And what tools would I need to change out the cassette and chain? My bike is at the LBS for 2 weeks replacing this stuff and that's a bummer to me.

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Do you have the corresponding xtr/deore derailleurs (M9000 and M5100)? What are the current cassettes on the bikes? I don't think the xtr derailleur will comfortably clear a 51 cog but it can do 46 assuming it's a 1x drivetrain. Best bet would be to get a 11-46 cassette. To swap out a cassette and chain you need a cassette removal tool, a chain whip and assuming the chains have a quick/master link, some master link chain pliers. Best to also have a chain breaker so you can size new chains appropriately.

However, are both bikes at the LBS? I don't quite follow why you need a spare cassette and chain between two bikes?
I'll have to see which xtr derailleur I have, didnt realize there was more than one kind. Only the giant is at the bike shop but I'm wanting to buy spares so I can repair the bikes myself. Also I'd like to buy a set of wheels that will work for both bikes but really I want to lighten up the Giant a little but. Ideally one cassette would work on both bikes.
if You want a 12 speed cassette, you’ll have to go full 12 speed: free hub, cranks, chainring, derailleur, shifter....

It will be much easier financially to go 1x11.
I'm definitely staying with 11 spd, both bikes are 11 spd currently.
I think e13 makes a 9-46 11 speed cassette in 11 speed
I mistyped, one bike is 11-46 and the other is 11-51.
I think e13 makes a 9-46 11 speed cassette in 11 speed
Just checked it out...its $230. Is this a superior product to shimano?
My Shimano 12 speed shifts well (for a 12 speed). If I were you, I’d get an SLX or XT.
Will a shimano cs-m8000 cassette work with m5100 deore and m9000 Xtr derailleurs?
I don’t know from experience, but I would place a large bet that it does. i‘m almost certain that the only real difference is the makeup of the part and not how the part will operate across the Shimano lines.
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I picked up my bike at the LBS today and that's the cassette they used. Its a XT cassette, they think xt is the sweet spot between weight, cost, and durability. They confirmed it would work on deore 11spd too.
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