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Shimano Direct Mount Chainring spacers

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Putting this out there, hope somebody can provide a good an answer…
I need to space my chainring out a bit further than stock. Maybe 2mm in order to clear the frame with a bigger chainring.
Are there spaces for the drive side I can use?
Riding a 2021 trek x-cal 9 with a 175mm stock crank.
Originally had a 30T, put on a 32T which is max according to trek.. I need the addition teeth for cross country trying to put on a 34T.
I’m not concerned about the drive line for the larger
Rear gears on the cassette as I never use them.
I can’t find a offset chain ring for the crank.
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The crank spindle is only so long, and may not have enough adjustment. Do you have any spacers on the non drive side? Some chainrings also have more offset than others, so it can depend on the chainring manufacturer. Either way, pushing the chainring out will likely result in crappy shifting and premature component wear.

What freehub is on your wheelset? If you have an XD freehub driver, you may be better off getting one of the cassettes with a 9 tooth cog, eThirteen makes a few versions. That combined with your existing chainring woukd probably give you enough top end.
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