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Shimano Crankset and Chainring compatibility?


According to the Shimano web site, the FC-M460 is specified with 44-32-22T chainrings.

Can it also use a 48-36-26T combination?

Can the FC-M460 and FC-M433-S use the 44T Silver (Y-1GX 98030) from the FC-M530-S?

I would also like to know why there are outer chainrings, for the FC-M540, specified with different length Stopper Pins. In the PDF file it notes a difference for 4 of the 5 44T chainrings - 2 have a length of 6.6mm and the other 2 have a length of 14mm.

2 old (90s vintage) SGX outer rings, I have, have Stopper Pins of length 6.6mm. Is this the standard length for Shimano Stopper Pins?

Another curiosity, I have, regards the FC-M443 and FC-M442 cranksets whose Inner chainrings are specified as having Chain Protectors.

What is the purpose of these Chain Protectors?

You can see these rings in the following file:

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