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Shiftezy for Rohloff - Anybody tried?

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It looks like there is a new improved version now; Shiftezy II.

Incase you are not familiar with Shiftezy, it is an electronic shifter kit for a Rohloff hub. It replaces the twist shifter and cables with pushbuttons and wires.

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No experience but, like you UR, I'm waiting to hear some feedback.
I'm very tempted by this since I'm not thrilled with the Hubbub mounted shifter on my drop-bar, Rohloff equipped bike.
I believe that they're soon going to be bringing out a model with the facility for the battery to be constantly charged from a hub dynamo. I have one of those too :thumbsup:
Intriguing. What's really cool is the test bike they have on their webpage. It's a Cruzbike Silvio clone with a slack HTA, much more sophisticated suspension, more laid back seating, disc brakes, Rohloff, and 26" wheels. Awesome!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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