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Hi guys, recently got an 04 rockhopper comp, love the bike...haven't upgraded it from stock yet...but recently ran into something that stumped the mechanics at my bike shop, hopefully someone can post their opinion and help me get this resolved..

I've noticed that my right shifter rattles at moderate to high speeds and also when hitting bumps, even at low speeds...its strange because its only the right and not the left...I thought it might be the brake lever hitting my shifters, but I spaced them out yet the noise didn't go away....the screws holding the shifters to the bar are tight....the noise is there whether I grip the right handlebar tightly or ride by only holding the left handlebar, it's not very loud, but its noticeable when I pick up speed (I can hear/notice it pedalling at high cadence before I even reach the highest front gear going sequentially through the rear gears...around second gear on the front, 6-7-8 on the rear)

I took it back to the shop I bought the bike from, and the mech there disassembled and reassembled the shifter, yet the sound still happened....he said that mountain bikes will never be completley silent, which I know, but he said that I should just accept the noise on the shifter

the front derailleur is deore, rear deore lx

Anyone have any opinions/idea about this?
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