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Shifter/Derailleur Compatability SRAM-Shimano

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Right now I have Shimano combo brake/shifters and am looking to upgrade to hydros so I will need to get some shifters. It seems that some of the SRAM stuff will work with the Shimano derailleur's I have but cannot confirm what the differences are. Any help there would be appreciated.
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Any of the 'named' SRAM (ie MRX, Attack) will work with Shimano.
The numbered models (ie X7,X9) will not.
The differences are in the cable pull ratio.
SRAM= 1:1
Shimano = 2:1
Sram Attack Trigger shifters are compatible with Shimano Derailleurs.

Oddly though Sram Attack Trigger Shifters are NOT compatible with Sram Derailleurs. They are made specifically to work with 2:1 Shimano Derailleurs.
Thanks guys. I saw the different ratio's and thought that might be it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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