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This just went out via the CAMBC listserve. If you can make it, please rsvp/send a email to "info at CAMBC dot org" --Will

>OK, mark your calendars to come work off some of that turkey. CAMBC
>maintenance for December will again be at Sherando, to finish work on
>Connector Trail, including brushing, benching, and treadwork. CAMBC
>provide some post-work munchies, so BYOB and we'll hang out afterwards
>swap tall tales.
>Details: carpool departs Emmet St. Bodo's at 9:00 AM, Saturday,
December 3
>(arrive earlier if you want food). Meet for trailwork at 10:00 AM at
>Coal Road parking lot. Bring gloves, water, food, something blaze
>and something to drink afterwards. We'll hang out at Sherando if it's
>nice, otherwise repair to Ted Gayle's house at Afton to get warm.
>We have plenty of tools, work, and fun to be had. We need a
>crew (at least 10 people and could occupy more) to knock this one off,
>please join us and RSVP so I can get a head-count for planning!
>Have a nice T'giving holiday


I forgot to say--go ahead and bring your bike with you to trail
if you can. It's a nice ride on an easy trail to the work site, but a
long for walking. We'll have BOBs and backpacks for transporting
tools. Recreational ride afterwards also possible if there's interest.
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