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Sheep Creek Trail, Gallatin National Forest - MTB's allowed?

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Doing some research on this trail, I came across a link which quotes:

"Mountain bike trails in the Lionhead area could be impacted by the revised Gallatin National Forest Travel Management Plan. The plan currently recommends that this area be designated wilderness and would prohibit mountain biking in all recommended wilderness areas."

Is this trail rideable? Thanks for any help! Below is the link:
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mikesee and krein rode a portion of this trail last year; here's a link to their report: I did an out and back on Nicholia Creek last summer and would like to go back and ride some more options in the area before it is potentially closed to cycling. The dirt roads to the Nicholia creek trailhead were very difficult to navigate. I didn't want to ride in from Dell like mikesee and krein did.
i believe as it stands right now you'll have about another 120 days to enjoy this fine piece of singletrack until it is officially illegal under new forest service land management plannng. The proposed wilderness ruling will be changing soon. No mechanised.

fantastic trails and one hell of a loss.

i belive MMBA ( Montana Mountain Bike Alliance ) will be throwing a last ditch effort advocacy ride/fat tire festival some time in August. So if you trip coincides with the festival you should certainly try to hook up with it. Check MMBA for details.

later, Chad
Wow, that's too bad. I camped in that area as a kid and rode these trails all the time. It will be a sad day when they aren't legal anymore. I'll be there over the July 4th week, I'll be sure to enjoy them even more, for the last time.
Sheep Creek in the Lionhead is very rideable. This trail is about 80 miles away from the mentioned Nicholia Creek and Little/Big Sheep Creek trails near Lima and Dell, MT.

I'm an old guy and not in great shape. But I can ride it. Sheep Creek has technical sections that provided me with lots of challenge, it also has smooth extended stretches. It is still open for biking as I am writing this. It may still have some snow on it July 4 weekend.

NWMTB is right about having a gathering in Lima to ride the threatened trails. A date needs to be set, then we can all start planning to take a last ride on some of the most unique trails and settings in the state.
GregB, that sounds perfect! I am planning on riding from the trailhead to the lake and then backcountry ski the bowls. Looking forward to my little adventure!
Oops, I was talking about another Sheep Creek (Beaverhead National Forest).
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