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sheared linkage bolt from main pivot

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I just bought a merida onetwenty 7500 from 2015 for about 350$
I didn't realise at first that the bike had pivot play, but the interesting part is that the bearings and bushings were not worn
rather the main pivot bolt had its top sheared off
the bolt is a m8 with 0.75 thread
I have a lbs that sells merida bikes but the mechanic told me that he couldn't provide support because the bike is too old and he recommended that I should get something modern
also between the main pivot arms and the frame should be a washer or it shouldn't be anything there?
let me know if you guys have any idea how should I get that bolt replaced, I really want to keep this bike since a lot of parts have been swapped out
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Bike is too old, buy a new one that won't be covered after 6 years? F that mechanic. Never go back to that bike shop again. That's total BS.

Hit up Merida, they should help you out. Or just see if you can get exact dimensions and get a replacement.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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