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I just replaced the 38/24 stock chainring with the SRAM XX 39/26 and shaved 3 whole grams!! :thumbsup:

Of course this is not the reason why I did it...

The stock part is cheap in comparison, fewer pickups and beat up after 200 miles.
The gearing on the stock chainrings was wrong for me, for the terrain I ride on.
And I saved 3 grams...

Anyone want a spare set of chainrings for cheap pm me...;)

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If you want to add those 3g's back drop the 26t ring and go to a 28t. I did that on mine before I went to the 1x10 setup, I didnt notice a difference in shifting performance, you can used the same front derailleur, and I liked having the 28 there with the 26 on the back compared to the 26. Not sure if it actually is a 3g difference, just throwing it out there.
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