Sharpen your skills with Ninja Mountain Bike Performance.

Taking a mountain biking skills class is the best way to rapidly become proficient and raise your confidence at riding trails of all different levels of difficulty. Whether you recently fell in love with trail riding or consider yourself a seasoned veteran, attending a skills camp or clinic taught by Ninja Mountain Bike Performance (NMBP) team of trained instructors will prepare you to handle a variety of terrain with speed and poise.

Skills clinics start with teaching sound foundation skills, e.g., ready position, which is used to build and learn other fundamental skills. Students learn how to master wheel lifts, the value of bike separation, gaining confidence on drops, jumping, and high-speed cornering. Constant communication and feedback ensure each student receives personalized instruction and a comfortable progression as the difficulty ramps up.

To maintain consistency and quality throughout the organization-and across the nation-all NMBP coaches are taught the same curriculum and terminology. NMBP has 36 lead instructors, 45-50 assistant instructors, and 600 clinics scheduled across the U.S., so it is imperative that all the instructors, who are IMBA and PMBIA certified, articulate the skills and lingo the same way.

One of my favorite techniques coming away from an NMBP clinic is the pre-turn technique, which made a vast improvement when approaching singletrack switchbacks. After learning this skill-and how smooth and quick I became negotiating tight corners-I now look for any opportunity to initiate a pre-turn to keep up a smooth flow on tight singletrack trails.

Even with more than two decades of riding experience, there is always room for improvement if you keep an open mind. Now I have several small adjustments that I have at the back of my mind thanks to the instructors. While riding, I'll keep reminding myself until the muscle memory takes over.

Ties to the community factor into NMBP's core work philosophy, as well. Therefore, the relationships and communication channels the organization have built up with the local rangers keep them current of trail conditions throughout the year.

With over 600 events on the calendar across the U.S., Ninja Mountain Bike Performance has an extensive list of super fun activities and mountain bike clinics for everyone. So, there is a pretty good chance a skills camp is near you. Quite often, students will use the skills camp as a vacation destination - combining a training clinic with riding new trails in an area you've always wanted to explore.

Visit the website to view the calendar of events or pick up a new technique to try out on the trail. There are numerous tips and videos posted that you can immediately try out on your next ride.

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