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I had a Burley Encore double trailer and liked it so much that when one kid graduated to a bike, I bought a brand new D'lite single. Cost more than my bike cost, but so worth it.

I added fatter, knobby tires, a dedicated tire pump, and made some custom stroller wheels with pneumatic tires (the Burley stroller wheels are plasticky and rattly, and also overpriced). The single is narrow enough to take on desert trails, but the tires run right in prime thorn zone, so I'd like to put tubeless tires on it. However, the hubs are 20-hole and I can't find tubeless ready rims in 20h. Does anyone know where to get stroller hubs?

What other trailers do people have and like? I tried one of the tag-a-long bikes, and thought it was way too heavy and tippy to be worth it, plus you can't carry anything else.
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