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Shadow Racing ABQ (vid)

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fresh off the cutting room floor, via new GoPro and editting software for Xmas. ABQ Foothills South trails, cherry picked a bunch of runs for the vid. Thx for riding along!
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I know! Just reviewed the file, in a bit of a panic. Worked after abit, thinking it must be the frequency of viewing: 57 views in 20 min?
watching it now~ fun!

if I do say so myself:blush:
Nice, I must have done south loop about 100+ times when I lived there, but it was 10 years ago. I only vaguely remember a few of the trials in the vid. I sure miss the riding there.
recent storms have most everything snowbound at the moment, we are indeed lucky to have such good tread right in our backyards, thx for watchin~
those are some good looking trails, my parents live down in Los Lunas, have always thought about taking my bike down there when we go to visit.... after seeing this I may have to!
it's not me, it's the camera

you know like that 10lbs they say about TV? just that the fisheye adds 10mph;)
Thanks for posting. Warmed my winter day up a bit.
Sweet vid. That GoPro is cool, even if it does make your arms look really long. :thumbsup:
not camera, that's just me!

I'm naturally long-armed:eekster: Yeah, that's a bit offputting, need to experiment I'm thinking.
Cool video. That trail looks fun. I've been wondering about the quality of the GoPro so thanks for sharing.
I was also thinking how sweet your arms looked all gigantor like that. Looked almost freakish. Sweet vid though. Definitely made me want to go out on the trainer tonight after my workout.
it's no secret

the long-armed, freakish, gigantor arm chromosome is a recessive gene in my lineage, thank goodness it's spared the kids. ;)
Ha, they should be disappointed that they don't have it. :D
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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