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I will be road tripping up to Hood River this Friday, staying for about a week, then hitting Bend the following Friday/Saturday on my way home. I hope to get in a few good rides, and I've gathered some good info from previous posts about riding in each area. I have in mind doing at least Surveyor's and 8-Mile while in Hood River, and maybe Phil's when I get to Bend at the end of the week.

If any locals are up for riding/showing me around, I'd love to hook up. Right now, I think the best days for me to ride when in HR will be Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In Bend, Friday afternoon and Saturday (Nat I'll get in touch with you directly to see if you're around).

I like moderately technical XC riding, I'll be on my rigid SS 29er while my brother will be riding my geared bike. Looking to get out for a couple/few hours each day, aside from 8-Mile, which I might like to keep shorter since that's the ride I'll bring my wife on with me. Other recomendations are welcome.

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