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SF Bay Area Ride tomorrow

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If anyone is interested, i'm going to be riding in Oakland with Thomas Munka and i think Ben Schaefer tomorrow along with some other guys. Expect to ride/hike your bike up as i dont think we have trucks tomorrow... Though, we should for Saturday... Come on out and have a good time and help me get my chops back! :thumbsup:

Pm for details... XD
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Dang, I might be headed up to JMP with a buddy later today. Gotsta work tomorrow...
wish i could today. My sisters film is screening at the Castro theater so i'm booked til about 4pm. And i didnt bring my bike with me today... Maybe next time dude...
why does everything happen when im away from home?
Linga115 said:
why does everything happen when im away from home?
so come home... XD
mrpercussive said:
so come home... XD
my girlfriend is telling me that all the time too. i might be home 4th of july. but i dont know if ill be able to ride. my gear is hard to move around when you're bumming rides
My sub woofer has a hole in the foam and is now broken. :cryin:
MiniTrail said:
cheap and it works :thumbsup:
I like the Sub effect :sad:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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