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Help an East Coaster out! I'm going to be staying in downtown San Francisco from Wednesday, June 28 to Monday, July 3 for a wedding. I'll have most of Friday, Sunday and/or Monday free and I'd love to catch some riding. Singletrack highly preferred, technical and long climbs no problem.

Any advice on the following would be greatly appreciated:
- ideas for half and 3/4 day trips?
- best rides ('best' meaning quality of trail and accessibility)?
- any SF "loop" rides worth it for someone unfamiliar, or best to head out of town?
- public transport to/from (I might be able to borrow a car)?
- directions?
- shops for rental/ contact in advance?

Many thanks!

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Here is a thread that covers a lot of this:

Much depends on whether you can get the car (and it carries bikes). If no car, there is a small amount of riding in SF (mostly Golden Gate park) or you could cross the Golden Gate Bridge and ride in the headlands (mostly fireroads, but the views are great). With car, your opportunities open up tremendously... Some stuff is reachable by public transport - BART, CalTrain, Ferries, and (most) buses all allow bikes.

On renting, Roaring Mouse Cycles in SF ( has some bikes they rent. These are demo bikes, and as such they will give preference to someone who is considering buying a bike, but will rent if the bike is not otherwise being used. The shop is located an easy pedal from Golden Gate Park.
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