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I participated in a gravel race 8 months ago and just pushed my leg muscles too hard. Near the end of the race I felt a popping sensation in my left quad. I just limped it in to the end. My legs were giving me signs that they had enough (spasming), but I just kept pushing. That was eight months ago and my left quad has still not healed completely. A doc told me it was a strain of my left quad and it could take months to heal and that my quad may never heal completely due to my age of 50. Even now, on my Kickr, my left quad can only handle rides in the endurance power zones. If I do tempo rides it really tears up my left quad. I tried light weights to rehab it and that just aggravated it as well. Anyone every get a similar injury from cycling? I think my age is playing a significant role. Anyway, the docs have not been too helpful. The MD suggested not to bother with an MRI stating that even if it was a partial tear nothing could be done but wait for it to heal on its own. Anyway, just an old man seeing if other riders have experienced anything like this. :unsure::confused:
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