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Hey folks. I just got my set in, and they don't fit properly. I talked to the manufacturer about this and we are working it out, but I have a few questions for you folks. I may be able to swap them out for a set 9.5 mm thickness as the current ones he made me are 10 mm thickness. I would rather not reduce the thickness due to the fact that it may have more of a tendancy to cause a bit of flex in the rear triangle. Sounds like I got a funky rear triangle? I even sent the guy pics to confirm the setup was funky. Issue is I cannot run the metal bushings and the plastic spacers in the seat stays and get these rocker arms to fit correctly as the stock ones do.

1. Do you run both the metal bushing and the plastic spacer? The manufacturer rides an NRS and he says he can ride with the spacers in but does not use the spacer.

2. If number 1 question is true, do you have a wear problem with metal on metal?

3. Has anybody been to the hardware store and replaced that metal bushing with some washers to act as spacers? You would do this reduce the overall thickness so you can install both the plastic spacer and the replacemnt washers you got from the hardware store.

4. Does the plastic spacers press fit into the new rocker arm just like the stock one? Mine does not, but the spacers press fit on the stock ones.

Ok, another link to the issue:

Sorry folks, but I put this post up before checking the other link listed above to see if there was any response. .

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