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Hello all,
I have a 2012 Giant Anthem X2 29er which has a Reba fork and monarch rear shock I've had it for a while and not messed around much with the shock pressure until now. I noticed that the sag seems to be higher than what I would think is desired. I tried to follow the directions in the manual, the upper chamber was at about 100 PSI, and I pumped it up to 115 PSI, then put the pump on the bottom valve and it didn't appear to have any pressure at all, so I attempted to add some, but it just appeared to be pressurizing the pump hose, not the shock. Indeed when I took the pump off and put it back on, it showed no pressure (I am screwing it all the way on). the sag did appear to go from 30 to 25%.

on the rear shock I had over 30% sag. I attached the pump and it showed 120 psi I added 10 PSI and there was no apparent change in sag so I pumped it up to 150... still no change. I watch the video on setting up suspension on the Giant website, which said to set it to 1psi per pound of body weight, so I pumped it up to 175, which is what I weigh with gear, and it's still at 30% sag

This is my first bike with air shocks so I don't have much of a basis for comparison in terms of how it should or shouldn't perform. Please advise me on if there might be something broken in the front shock preventing the lower chamber from holding or taking air, and if I should continue to add pressure to the rear shock to get the sag closer to 20 %
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